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The 5 Components of Reading

If your child is struggling with reading, there are 5 essential reading skills they MUST have.

1️⃣ PHONEMIC AWARENESS is an understanding of how individual consonant or vowel sounds (phonemes) can be used to decode words. For example, the word ‘clap’ is made up of four individual units of sound; c/l/a/p.

2️⃣ PHONICS is the connection of different sounds with different letters, or different groupings of letters.

3️⃣ FLUENCY is the ability to read with speed, expression, understanding and accuracy.

🗣️A fluent reader can read text the same way they speak.

4️⃣ VOCABULARY is the range of words a student is able to understand and use while reading and writing. Vocabulary will increase as your child learns new words.

5️⃣ COMPREHENSION allows students to draw meaning and information from a story, textbook, chapter book, article, comic etc.

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