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Tutoring That Fits You

At Home Tutoring 

We offer in-home tutoring for children with physical disabilities and those who prefer to learn in a familiar environment.


This tutoring is perfect for students who are home-schooled, because it aims to bring the learning to them.

After School Tutoring 

We also offer tutoring for students who need to supplement what they're being taught at school. Our tutors are trained to competently teach content matching their syllabi in a way that they can best understand.

Currently We Only Offer Tutoring in Barbados


Our classes are designed specifically for students with specific learning disabilities.

Recommended : 2 Hours A Week. Our Tutoring Sessions for Primary School Students are focused mainly on Mathematics, Handwriting, English & Phonics. These are done in group...
Tutoring - Primary
45 min
These tutoring sessions are to teach students going into the 11+ exam.
Pre 11+ Mathematics
1 hr
Recommended : 2 Hours A Week. Our Tutoring Sessions for SecondarSchool Students are focused mainly on CXC Examination preparation, such as Mathematics, English A & Englis...
Tutoring - Secondary
1 hr
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