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Spark Learning was founded by Natasha Gray in 2008 in Barbados. Natasha lived in Florida for over 10 years and decided to return to Barbados and continue working with children with learning disabilities. After relocating she noticed that a high percentage of children were unable to read, undiagnosed and struggling in school with very little support. 



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At The Core We Aim To

1. Support learning for all

2. Be an advocate

3. Be a facilitator of excellence

4. Create a safe space

5. Embrace differences

6. Inspire growth

7. Share knowledge

Our Vision

To provide equal footing for all learning styles, and to remove disadvantages associated with disabilities.

Our Mission

Quite simply, our mission is to change the way persons with learning disabilities are viewed and taught.

Our Founder

Natasha Gray is an educational consultant with particular experience in Learning Disabilities (LD) specifically in dyslexia. Natasha provides diagnostic assessments and Access Arrangements for many private schools as well as SEN support for both government and private schools in Barbados, Jamaica, St. Vincent and Trinidad and Tobago.


A seasoned and innovative educational professional, Natasha over the past decade has used her skills to offer a path to academic success for more than a thousand children who were formerly unable to read, went undiagnosed, and struggled in school with very little support. Natasha is very passionate about the difficulties and challenges children and adults struggle with, pertaining to reading, spelling and writing.

Natasha C. Gray, M.Ed.
Learning Disabilities Specialist,
Registered, British Psychological Society 398326

Founder, Spark Learning




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Registered, British Psychological Society 398326

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