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One of the best things you can do for your child is to have them assessed early.

An early assessment can save them from a world of difficulty. Before you contemplate placing them in a special education class, consider that their learning style may simply be different, not that they are "slow".


We perform administer professional Pyscho-Educational assessments to determine and identify if a child or an adult has a learning disability.

Assessments are also for adults who exhibit similar issues with learning, who may typically have issues keeping themselves focused at work or at school.

Don't just take our word for it

I had my daughter assessed when I had concerns about the speed with which she was learning to read. The actual assessment was comprehensive and quite pleasant for her. The report I received was thorough, very helpful and put my fears to rest. 

 Although she was deemed to have an above average IQ, there were still things I could do to help her grasp the connection between sounds and words. I was also able to learn how she learns best.

The report not only described her abilities but also gave several tips on how to help her with reading and writing and I am proud to say that she is now doing both very well. In particular,  I would have never thought to have her use something as simple as playdoh to strengthen her hand muscles and improve her handwriting. It worked beautifully. 
 I encourage any parent who has concerns about their child's learning to invest in a learning assessment. 
 I even shared the assessment with her teachers and they were better able to know how to teach her. I saw improvement within weeks. 
 This learning assessment was literally the best thing I did for my child's education.

Dr. Lao Sealey

Consultant Paediatrician


Intervention Psycho-Educational Assessment.
Intervention Assessment
1 hr 45 min
Full-Comprehensive Assessment. Ages : 7 to 16.
Full-Comprehensive Assessment
2 hr
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