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What is an Intervention?

An intervention is just as it sounds, the point at which we deem it necessary to step in and re-organize the way a child approaches learning, as well as reshaping their environment.

This is a necessary step in making sure your child is both learning and growing more confident. It goes more in depth than tutoring, finding the ways a student learns best through tested methods, and focusing on them.

Our Approach

Our interventions follow the Orton-Gillingham model. This ensures that students with learning disabilities are paired with a trained instructor who structures the content in a way to fit them. We typically tailor our interventions to the child (or teenager/adult) to make sure the curricula and teaching style match their need .

Orton–Gillingham focuses on teaching kids to read at the word level. While it can help develop reading comprehension, that is not the primary goal.


This approach uses multiple pathways to help kids learn. For example, students might learn the letter s by seeing it, saying its name and sounding it out while writing it with their fingers in shaving cream.


Orton–Gillingham also puts a strong emphasis on understanding the “how” and “why” behind reading. Students may explore why the letter s sounds one way in the word "plays", and another way in the word "snake". Once they know consistent rules and patterns, they’re better able to decode words on their own.

Schedule An Assessment

Before planning for an intervention, we strongly recommend to have the student take one of our comprehensive assessments. This allows you to clearly identify what your child may be going through by providing you with a comprehensive report with strategies and recommendations to support your child at home and at school.

Intervention Psycho-Educational Assessment.
Intervention Assessment
1 hr 45 min

"Spark Learning's targeted and rigorous approach provided us with the kind of assessment that allowed us to make informed choices for our child's education and to devise interventions that have served to produce measurable and significant results. This has transformed our child into a more confident student, eager to learn, eager to succeed"  

Grateful parent


Before you schedule an Intervention Assessment, Take our Pre-Diagnosis Assessment

This can be a helpful first step in identifying whether an intervention is right for your child.

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