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This checklist does not attempt to record the talents, skills or potential linked with learning disabilities. The checklist is organized around some of the key difficulties experienced by people with common learning disabilities in terms of reading, spelling, memory, organization and sequencing.


If your child is displaying many of these symptoms, and you are ready to have a professional diagnose them, please schedule an appointment with us.

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4. What behaviours does the child exhibit?

1. Do they find difficulty in telling left from right?

2. Is their spelling poor?

3. Is their writing difficult to read?

4. Do they mix up numbers like 57 and 75?

5. Do they get confused when given several instructions at once?

6. Do they find it hard to read aloud?

7. Do they find it difficult to remember what they have read?

8. Do they mix up dates, times and miss appointments / deadlines?

9. Do they lose their place or miss out lines when reading?

10. Do they confuse similar words such as saw and was?

11. Do they re-read paragraphs to understand them?

12. Did they have difficulty learning their multiplication tables?

13. When using the telephone, do they have trouble understanding the numbers when they dial?

14. Do they find forms difficult and confusing?

15. When they have to say a long word, do they sometimes find it difficult to get all the sounds in the right order?

16. Do they find it difficult to do sums in their head without using their fingers or paper?

17. Do they find it easy to sound out words such as dic-tion-ary?

18. Do they find it difficult to say the months of the year backwards?

19. When writing, do they find it difficult to organize thoughts on paper?

20. Did they find it difficult answering these questions?

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